Елена Березовская

Елена Березовская Канада, Mississauga

I dream to have a house,
A garden full of flowers,
A smell of summer morning,
A song of a nightingale.

I will create a fable,
And we will have a table,
A cup of a tasty coffee
That I will make for you.

And every morning drinking
This coffee you’ll be thinking
How much you had been missing
This happy time with me.

I dream to have this house,
this garden full of flowers,
Your kiss in early morning,
Your smile, your wish, your love

I love your eyes,
So beautiful, so nice,
The way they look at me,
The way they show your feelings.

I love your eyes
Because they never lie.
As mirror of your soul
They never hide your truth.

I love your eyes
Denied to see my vice,
The way they let you see
My soul deep inside.

When our bodies touch each other,
When our lips are in _one_ kiss,
When our souls are together...
What is more beautiful than this?
I’m happy when I see you happy,
I am in pain when you are too.
You are my honest clear mirror,
You are my world, divine and true.
I cannot sleep when you have trouble,
When you are suffering I feel.
I try to help with all my soul
To make your life more fair and still.
And if I’m talkative or boring
Just stop me, saying that I’m wrong...
What can be better and triumphant
Than our love that makes us strong?

Oh dear Lord,
send me Your Christmas Angel,
Send me some joy and peace with him.
It doesn’t matter he would be a friend or stranger.
Just who will touch my soul with Your holy beam.

I’m still a child, sometimes not very pleasant.
I make mistakes and then I pay for them.
And like a child, I wait for Christmas presents,
That will become my priceless dear gem.

Oh dear Lord,
send me Your Christmas Angel
and give me spirit to be strong and calm.
It’s time to leave behind and to forgive all anger.
It’s time to feel and share Your sacred Love.

I will make for you some coffee
with the strongest taste of love,
with my kiss instead of sugar,
with no aftertaste of flaw.

I will make for you some coffee
with a smell of palmy spring,
with a song of distant planets,
with a recency of winds.

I will make for you some coffee
with a purity of dew
and serenity of heavens,
with my flavour “I love you” .

I will make for you some coffee
with my soul, with my heart.
Help yourself, my dear angel.
You deserved more my awards.

Let me be with you just for a moment,
Let me feel your presence in my life
And become so blissfully ignorant,
spending perfectly this passing time.
Let me touch your face in flight of fancy,
let me kiss your lips through fervent air.
Catch invisible admiring glances.
I would like to fly if I’d the dare.
Let me tell some never ending stories
mixed with true tender love of mine.
Let me be your joy instead of worries.
Let me be your woman just in fine.

This invisible touch
makes me crazy again...
And I feel like a bird
flying far, far away...
This invisible smile
dries all tears on my face...
And I close tired eyes,
falling into your grace...
This invisible kiss
brings me peaceful delight...
And these beautiful moments
are desired and bright.
This invisible talk...
This invisible you...
This invisible world...
But it’s real, it’s true...

Tired eyes are closed,
Smiles are gone away,
And a dark night’s coming
Following a gloomy day…

In the middle of Nowhere
There’s no past, no future…
Deathly silence’s anywhere,
Tearing feelings all apart.

In the middle of Nowhere
Time is never running…
Think if you want to go there
‘cause you never will come back

I am a tiny ray of light in the darkness…
I am a little drop in an ocean of life…

I am a simple word of unspoken eternity.
I am a sharp edge of a reality-knife…

I’m an invisible tear caught by wind…
I am a broken wing of a foolish dream…

I am a torturous pain looking for a drug.
I am a grain of sand in an endless stream…

I am pure bliss in a vicious circle…
I am a silly laugh of a tragedy’s end…

I am a soul, godforsaken, lost somewhere…
I am a loud hope of a desert land…

So, what am I? I still don’t know.
Somebody’s abhorrence, somebody’s love.

Have you ever heard
A crying song of a fallow-deer,
Lonely hiding pain
In the heart of forest, feeling thrill,
Wounded by a hunter
With a careless selfish stony heart,
Washing with her tears
Aching side, licking off still running blood?

And she sings: "Oh, man,
Why are you so rude, so tough?
Haven’t you a soul?
Weren’t you in trouble, suffering enough?
Wasn’t I so friendly,
Heartily welcoming you at the door
To my lovely kingdom,
Flowing with my spirits, with my love?"

Have you ever heard
A crying song of a fallow-deer?
Have you ever felt
How she could suffer, she could feel?
Lonely hiding sorrow
In the heart of forest, she’s in pain,
She’s so poor, so weak,
Waiting hopefully for healing rain.

Sometimes it looks like I am insane,
talking about mystic things,
searching for God, for truth, for love,
trying to know the order and links.

Sometimes it looks like I am strange
being so devoted to all my dreams,
cherishing gently my feelings and hope,
waiting for future success and wins.

Sometimes it looks like I am bad
ignoring remarks of “clever” people
who know how to live, who know what to do,
who are so religious but honest a little.

Sometimes it looks like I am impatient
having a spurt of different feelings,
sharing my happiness, problems and pain,
showing my love, being benign and willing.

Yes, it is me, unbeknown and different
like everybody in this wondrous world.
And I’m so happy to know you, people,
to have your love, your trust, your ward.